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large product photo   FOOTBALLS

These are the famous footballs that were so hard to stain! Nice and orange here.

bugs   This is an electron micrograph of bacteria on a mineral. Electron microscopes can't do color (yet! the day will come...) so I colorized the bacteria digitally.
sulfur   These are structures formed by sulfur minerals. Nothing in here is alive. The irregular, odd shapes might fool you into thinking that these are bacterial in origin, but these are mostly crystals of elemental sulfur, along with a few other things (ordinary table salt, gypsum).
bugs   Here's a picture of some nice ways to label bacteria. In the top row, special dyes target the cell wall. In the bottom row, only the DNA is stained. The left panel is a low-mag image showing the bacteria on a rock. The right panel is a high-mag image where the individual cells and their DNA can be seen. Bacteria don't have nuclei, but the DNA is near the center of the cell anyway.