Slow Cold Death

Science at the South Pole


Recommended Popular Science Books

  • Rare earth: why complex life is uncommon in the universe, Ward and Brownlee link
  • Life in Space: Astrobiology for Everyone, Mix link
  • Planetary Systems and the Origins of Life, Pudritz, Higgs, and Stone (Eds) link
  • Life As we Know It (Cellular Origin, Life in Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology), Seckbach link

For the aficionado

  • "IceHEP high energy physics at the South Pole," Anchordoqui and Halzen, Annals of Physics Volume 321, Issue 11, November 2006, Pages 2660-2716 link
  • Complete Course in Astrobiology, Horneck and Rettberg (Eds) link
  • Life in Antarctic Deserts and other Cold Dry Environments: Astrobiological Analogs, Doran, Lyons, McKnight (Eds) link

 Not Easy Being Green


Viral vectors and gene therapy for neurons

Untested and quack remedies

Recommended Popular Science Books

  • Gene Therapy: Treating Disease by Repairing Genes, Panno link
  • Gene Therapy (Health and Medical Issues Today), Kelly link

For the aficionado

  • "Green Fluorescent Protein Retroviral Vector," Methods In Molecular Medicine series, Gene Therapy of Cancer Chapter 16 (Humana Press 2008) link
  • "Gene therapy for neurodegenerative diseases based on lentiviral vectors," Nanou and Azzouz, Prog Brain Res. 2009;175:187-200 link
  • "Rabies virus glycoprotein pseudotyping of lentiviral vectors enables retrograde axonal transport and access to the nervous system after peripheral delivery," Mazarakis et al., Human Molecular Genetics, 2001, Vol. 10, No. 19 2109-2121 link
  • Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders & Brain Tumors (Contemporary Neuroscience), Chiocca and Breakefield (Eds) link
  • Protocols for Gene Transfer in Neuroscience: Towards Gene Therapy of Neurological Disorders, Lowenstein and Enquist (Eds) link
  • Gene Therapy of the Central Nervous System: From Bench to Bedside, Kaplitt and During (Eds) link
  • "Trading on Hope," Qiu, Nature Biotechnology 27, 790 - 792 (2009)


Degrees of Freedom

The Foucault Pendulum

What the Students Are Studying

All About the PQE

For the aficionado: books to help study for the PQE

  • "A Guide To Physics Problems," Parts I and II, Cahn and Nadgorny link
  • "Problems & Solutions in Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics," Capri link
  • "Princeton Problems in Physics with Solutions," Newbury, Ruhl, Staggs, Thorsett, and Newman link
  • "Truly Tricky Graduate Physics Problems," Nadeau, Cohen, Sauerwine link
  • "University of Chicago Graduate Problems in Physics with Solutions," Cronin, Greenberg, Telegdi link