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The Undergraduate Houses (established 1901)


large product photo   Pasteur House

Nickname: Until 1960, the Pests; thereafter,the Buboes

Totem: Squirrel

Motto: Considère-moi comme une peste (until 1990, mistakenly written "Considères-moi...")

Color: Maroon

Distinguishing clothes: None, really.

Distinguishing House features: "Eternal bonfire" in front. Tree house (until 2004).

Famous Buboes: Walter W. Waddles Sr. (Class of 1947); WWW Jr (Class of 1967; WWW III (Class of 1988) and WWWIV (Class of 2007); Lori Barrow (Class of 1991); Jacob Silverman (late, class of 1971); tutu man (Class of 1921)



large product photo   Ferrier House

Nickname: The Ferrets

Totem: Ferret

Motto: The tooth shall make you free

Color: Black

Distinguishing clothes: All black, all the time

Distinguishing House features: Murals and secret passageways

Famous Ferrets: Solomon Rose, Nobel Laureate, Class of 1940




large product photo   Calvin House

Nickname: The Thorns

Totem: Jumping Cholla

Motto: Barefoot Through Adversity

Color: Ecru

Distinguishing clothes: No shoes

Distinguishing House features: House is cylindrical; they grow their own papayas

Famous Thorns: Ben Gerson, Class of 1962 (he will deny this)



large product photo   Snodgrass House

Nickname: The Snots

Totem: Grass

Motto: Yeah, we're the dumb ones

Color: Green

Distinguishing clothes:shorts and running shoes

Distinguishing House features: Weight room

Famous Snots: Well, there's a guy who wins a 509-mile solo bicycle race across the desert every year. Does that count?