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Ima Bubo, Staff Reporter, interviews Lori about the Human-Powered Vehicle Club

Q. How did you get involved with the HPV Club?

A. When I was a freshman, the club decided they wanted to set the women's national hydrofoil record. The problem was even getting the silly thing off the ground. The design teamfound me because I was tiny, way under a hundred pounds at the time, and so they hoped I'd do a better job than the other testers.

Q. Do did you fly?

A. We flew 25 yards and set the record.

Q. Is this your proudest moment with the club?

A. Oh, I don't know. I was just an engine; I didn't take part in any of the design of the hydrofoil.

Q. What HPVs did you design?

A. I've designed a paddle-boat, an off-road handcycle, and off-road in-line skates. Though I'm not sure the skates are really a "design"--I just put pneumatic wheels with tread onto a regular skate frame.

Q. What HPVs have you tested?

A. Too many to remember! I've ridden bikes pedaled with legs, arms, and both; ones designed to go uphill as fast as possible; ones designed for the flat; ones that seat one person, two people, or three; ones that roll, ones that swim, and ones that fly.

Q. And what's your favorite?

A. Seriously? Just my fixie.

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